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Central Finland Heart Association welcomes you

Welcome to the website of the Central Finland Heart Association. Together with the twelve local Heart Associations in our area, we offer information, support and a variety of activities for people with heart disease and anyone interested in health and well-being.

What we do

Are you interested in health-promoting events, health counseling and health measurements or expert lectures? Maybe you would like to talk to a trained peer support person about your illness? Would you like to participate in a local sports group or go on a course or even an excursion together?

Check out the activities of our Heart Associations on these pages and contact us. Contact information for associations and our district personnel can be found here.

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Peer support available in English

Illness often raises concerns and questions. Being diagnosed with a heart condition is not easy and dealing with it in Finnish can be overwhelming. If you or someone near you is suffering from a heart disease, support is available also in English.

Peer supporters know what it is to live with a heart disease. They are trained volunteers who can encourage you by sharing their own experiences as they themselves have or they have a loved one that has a heart disease. Peer supporters are there to listen and be by your side.

There is  a search page for finding trained peer support persons in Finland. The page is in Finnish but with this link you will get a list of persons who serve in English.

Find peer support

If you feel like discussing your experiences, asking questions, or getting tips, you can also join the Foreign Hearts Finland group on FacebookIt is an English language support group for people living in Finland and having a heart condition or someone close to them who is suffering from one. The group is maintained by trained volunteers. It works in co-operation with the Finnish Heart Association Sydänliitto ry.

Health information

You are welcome to our health information events.

Health counseling and measurements

Our nurses will measure your cholesterol, blood sugar, hemoglobin and blood pressure and check your heart rhythms with Heart2Save measuring device. Nurses can also teach you how to take your own pulse correctly and how to detect possible dysrhythmia.

You will get the results of the measurements as well as your nurse’s health counseling immediately. Measurements cost between 2-13 euros. You can find information about the measuring days in our events calendar,

Health promoting events

Together with the local Heart Associations we organize various health promoting events. You can find us in market areas, pharmacies, markets or partner events. Events include for example health counseling and measurements, exercise, exhibitions, AED awareness and resuscitation training – or just nice encounters!

Expert lectures

We organize various expert lectures on health and well-being, heart disease, nutrition, exercising etc.. The lectures are usually held in Finnish. The dates are announced in the event calendar on our website.

Get to know the activities of your local Heart Association

Local Heart Associations organize many different activities! There are sports groups (e.g. swimming, gym), clubs (e.g. peer support, spiritual, discourse, singing), excursions, cultural trips (to Finland and abroad) and events. Check the activities of the association in your area in the association’s own website (in Finnish), or see all events in our area in the event calendar.

Event calendar

Heart Association´s courses

Do you need more information, skills and knowledge or practical tips for self-care? Heart Association`s courses increase knowledge, skills and mental endurance. They alleviate disease-related fear and anxiety. Courses are organized in Finnish.
Course calendar



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